Ring Cam How To

We're excited to pair the Lettera Engagement Ring with the Ring Cam, the original video ring box. You record your journey from prep to party. We'll professionally edit your proposal video and post it online for you to share.

Tips for the Perfect Proposal Video!


After you receive your Ring Cam be sure to practice with it before the big day. You’ll feel more natural, cool and collected when popping the big question.

Angle is Key!

The camera is located at the top of the Ring Cam box. Be sure to aim the lens directly at your fiancée.

Lighting is Important!

Cameras need light; the more light you have the better your video will turn out.

Record Early and Record Everything!

Record early, even in your pocket. You’ll want to get all your pre-proposal speech you worked so hard on. So much more happens than the proposal. Talk to the camera, get the celebration after the proposal, and be sure to take a selfie with your new fiancée!

Ring Cam FAQ's

How long is the battery life of my Ring Cam?

It may hold a charge for up to 1 week but be sure to fully charge your Ring Cam before your proposal.

How long will my Ring Cam record?

A fully charged Ring Cam will record up to 45 minutes of proposal video.

Viewing Your Videos

To view your recordings, plug the USB cable into the video ring box and then into a computer as if to charge. Then turn the video ring box switch to ON. The LED light will then turn yellow. Search for ‘RING CAM’ in your removable devices. Open the file and select your desired video file. Double click the video file to play. Create a copy of your recording on your computer to save a video backup.

Upload Your Recordings for Editing

Just fill out the questionnaire on our Upload Your Proposal page and we will take care of editing your video. In a day or two your Engagement Announcement Page hosted on our website will be ready for you to share with your friends and family!

Technical Specs

Ring Cam is the world’s smallest video ring box that produces High-Def 720p footage, featuring a 120-degree wide angle lens so that you never miss the shot.

The omni-directional microphone will capture your speech and their ‘Yes!’

Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720

Frames per Second: 30 FPS

File Type: .MOV

4 GB Internal Storage


Allurigem is not responsible for user error. If you need more assistance, please contact us by telephone at 877-909-6623 or by email at

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