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A Custom Engagement Ring Startup’s Attempt to Define & Serve a Generation

The mythical Millennial has intrigued brands for over a decade now. Advertising and Marketing efforts are regularly directed toward youthful and care-free audiences that are witty, dramatic, playful, and possibly even a little irresponsible. But is that truly the face of a generation?


At Allurigem we began with asking the same questions that a sea of other engagement ring brands have been attempting to answer for years. What is a millennial anyway? What does that actually mean for a brand looking to target said group? Is there something more to the Millennial that we're missing?


What is a Millennial, really?

There are hundreds upon thousands of articles, publications, and seminars that all explain exactly what a Millennial is, from their personalities to their habits and mannerisms. These definitions of the generation have polarized its members with some refusing to be included in the categorization or choosing to brand themselves a “Non-Millennial Millennial”.


What we all tend to forget is being a “Millennial” is just a number, or really, a range of numbers. Being born between 1981 and 1996 makes someone a Millennial and does not speak to who they are as a consumer.


Then how do we shift our perceptions as a brand?

Let’s be honest, engagement rings are a big deal, a big purchase, and an even bigger industry. We knew that when we created Allurigem. We are truly a start-up company with little resources and an even smaller team so we have to understand our Millennial audience through and through. It means sink or swim for us.


We started out with the same understanding that everyone else seemed to have of our target audience, but we realized that we had to shift our perceptions immediately. Our broad awareness of our audience's persona shaped our voice, our product, and our platform into something different from a traditional e-commerce shopping experience completely.


So how did we at Allurigem attempt to shift the perception and stigma behind the term “Millennial” to solve the puzzle of delivering a product they want? We ignored it. We dug deeper than the surface data and realized that, heck, we were a Millennial-minded team of people and even we all want different things from each our brands.


We discovered that universally our consumers who are looking to get engaged are typically busy, a little stressed, potentially a tad burnt out, quite sentimental (in a good way) and emotionally invested in their purchases.


Yet the most important lesson we learned while trying to define a generation's universal persona is that they are, in fact, undefinable. Millennials are one of the most diverse and unique generations alive today, hands down.


Now to answer the burning question…


How did we go about designing a Millennial’s engagement ring? We didn't. We decided to provide the tools to create and let them do it themselves. For Allurigem, we designed a custom e-commerce design studio where shoppers can choose from over 63 million combinations including each of their initials and birthstones, setting styles, diamond sizes, and gold color combinations.


We decided to let our target market tell their own story through their engagement ring because that story is important, to them and to us. Like the generation itself, each couple has an individuality that should respected and cherished by a brand.


For Millennials, life is happening at the speed of a news feed scroll so they deserve to be able to capture big life moments like getting engaged and be present in them at the same time. Because we have become so invested in our customers’ experience (and because it’s an awesome piece of tech), we decided to include a video ring box with their ring, to record the proposal from their point of view.


We’ve also set up an editing service for their videos, they just have to upload the camera footage and without further effort they have their proposal compilation to keep or share.


So, how do you solve the Millennial puzzle then? You don’t. You embrace the generation in all its variety and invest in sharing in their experiences as a brand.

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