January's birthstone, garnet, can be found in a variety of hues.

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January Birthstone:

Garnets can be found all over the world in a whole rainbow of colors from the most common red, green to blue, and even the super rare color-changing garnet. The most common red hue is used to symbolize January birthdays. People with January birthdays share the month with many famous faces like Kate Middleton, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

This durable gemstone is steeped in mythology. Legend says that garnets bring peace and prosperity to the person wearing it. They can also be a symbol of friendship and safe travels.

Found on almost every continent, garnets are most commonly mined in India and China. Some of our favorite garnets are a gorgeous deep red in color. We also love some of the other exciting options like the vibrant green demantoid garnet and color-change stones that shift from green to deep purple depending upon the light. Garnets aren’t heat-treated like other gemstones so their color is always natural.

Some of the earliest garnet jewelry dates all the way back to the bronze age. While Egyptians believed it was the symbol of life, the Victorians are responsible for the modern day popularity of the garnet. They often wore it in large clusters as statement pieces resembling pomegranate seeds. In fact, the word garnet comes from the Latin word ‘granatus’ which means ‘seed’ or ‘grain seed’.

Modern jewelry contains faceted and cabochon style gemstones. Garnets are used in bright and colorful jewelry due to the vast amount of colors and sizes available.

Happy January Birthdays!

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