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All About Platinum:
The Facts and Myths

Platinum is something we hear lots about in our daily life when listening to a song off of Today’s Top 100 chart, when watching royal wedding coverage, or when shopping for an engagement ring. But what is it really? How does it compare to gold options when it comes to choosing an engagement ring metal, and why isn’t it used as often as other metals? We sat down with two or our favorite jewelers, Mike and Gus, our Allurigem team, to chat about platinum.

The Platinum Down-Low

Platinum in its pure form is quite rare, so platinum engagement rings and jewelry is made of a combination of metals including palladium, iridium, and other alloys. It is also noticeably heavier in weight too, by up to 60% more than gold. If you took one ring design and cast it in white gold and then in platinum the wearer would be able to tell the difference between the two even with their eyes closed!


Some of benefits of platinum make this metal the perfect choice for engagement rings depending on tastes and personal requirements.


It's the same color through and through:


One awesome thing about platinum engagement rings is that its color doesn’t wear as white gold may. With metals such as white gold which is rhodium plated, its color can fade and change over time with regular wear. While platinum can still scratch and become dull which can contribute to the piece’s patina which is unique to platinum but the basic color holds fast.


It's some strong stuff:


Many times antique or vintage jewelry is platinum, which is no coincidence. Platinum is often referred to as the “forever metal” because it is SUPER strong. Anyone catch some of the British Royal Family’s tiaras recently (like Princess Eugenie’s)? Lots of them are platinum or have elements of their structure that are platinum due to their longevity.


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It's great for people with metal allergies or sensitive skin:


If someone has a metal allergy, especially to gold, then platinum engagement ring is a great choice. The mix of metals within platinum is hypo-allergenic yet still beautiful so the ability to create custom pieces with the option to request platinum as the main engagement ring metal can be the perfect solution.


All of our Allurigem engagement rings can be crafted in platinum upon request. Try out our engagement ring design studio and build a few options, then request pricing for a platinum setting in the Special Instructions box! Here’s the link to get started

Now Let's Debunk Some Myths About Platinum

So let’s play a little game of Platinum: True or False. There are lots of articles out there about platinum and gold debating which option is better. Our team and jewelers at Allurigem believe that whatever best fits you and your requirements for an engagement ring is a great option, but there are some things we’d like to clarify before you buy.


Myth #1: Platinum is always way more expensive than gold


False! So here’s the skinny on this myth. A long, long, time ago in a decade far, far away, platinum cost more than gold. What this myth does not take into account is that it isn’t always the case as the cost of platinum is subject to the supply and demand in the market, just like gold. Currently, there isn’t such a substantial difference in price between gold and platinum engagement rings and, in fact, gold is actually more expensive than platinum right now.
So if you are considering a platinum engagement ring, don’t quite shopping for one based on the anticipation of price.


Myth #2: Platinum doesn't scratch or dent


False! Just like all other metals, platinum absolutely can scratch. Even diamonds can become scratched if enough force is applied. That being said, it is a harder metal than gold so it may be more difficult to scratch than other options on the market. Scratches can be removed with refinishing as needed. Keep in mind, the process for refinishing platinum is more labor intensive than the same request in different metal types, so to get your platinum engagement ring back to its wedding day dazzle it may cost more to maintain.
Facts and myths aside, platinum is a beautiful engagement ring metal option and we believe that everyone should have their perfect engagement ring.


Check out some great Allurigem custom engagements rings from our Lettera collection that are available in platinum upon request.


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