The Engagement Ring Guide

engagement ring metal colors white gold yellow gold rose gold halo diamond engagement rings

The Metals:
Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold

The color and type of metal used in an engagement ring setting can be as impactful as the diamond it holds. With a variety of metals in different colors, karat weights, and qualities it can be hard to choose. So If there are so many options, why is gold the engagement ring go-to?

The Strength of Gold and Karat Weights

While gold in its purest form is very soft, different karat weight options are strong enough to last a lifetime. Many jewelers will carry 10 karat, 14 karat, and 18 karat gold engagement ring settings. 14 karat gold is an ideal choice for a piece that will b worn every day, like an engagement ring. Higher karat gold tend to be softer while lower karat gold tend to be more brittle. 14k gold has the added strength benefits of other added metals but with a pure gold content of over 58% for malleability.

Engagement Ring Metal Colors:
Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold

Whether it is a romantic rose gold, a glamorous yellow gold, or an elegant white gold, there is a shade that fits every personality. But isn't gold brassy yellow?

The variation in metal color is related to the mix of complementing metals blended with pure gold. Whether gold is rose, yellow, or white in tone is determined by the addition of other metals to the alloy such as copper, silver, nickel, zinc and more. In addition to other metals, white gold also gets a final finishing of rhodium for its bright white shine.

Although these gold tones are a combination of metals, each 14 karat gold ring has the same amount of pure gold as the next, whether it is rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. Choose what you love!

Be Creative with Your Engagement Ring Metals

Finally, with a few engagement ring metal colors to choose from, you get to be creative! Your grandma may have told you, "You should never wear white after Labor Day and you should never mix your gold tones" but that's no longer true. Many jewelry brands are offering two tone and even three tone engagement rings in their inventory or you can always be the artist and create a fully customizable setting that matches the individual style of the person wearing it. For more ideas and examples of mix and match gold, check out our custom Lettera diamond halo engagement ring collection and design your own engagement ring with your favorite metal combination.