The Engagement Ring Guide

How to find your partner's favorite engagement ring style, couple in hugging

How to find her favorite engagement ring style

You have set your budget and established the ring elements that would best fit with your future spouse’s lifestyle, yet there are still so many engagement ring styles to choose from. It may be time to focus on some things you may or may not have paid much detailed attention to: their personal style and jewelry style!

What’s Your Love's Fashion Style?

Up to this point, you may know that, whatever their style is, you love it! But what exactly is it? Is it classic or modern? Bold or neutral? Do they wear lots of patterns or solids? Are they frilly or clean-cut? Transferring these characteristics to the engagement ring is a solid way to ensure that whatever you choose, it will match their personal style.

Other Traits To Look For

If clothing style is still hard to figure out, consider jewelry style. What kinds of jewelry do they pair with their outfits? Do they have a favorite color of gold? Do all of their jewelry pieces match or are they each unique? Are they simple pieces or statement pieces? If your main squeeze already purchases jewelry of a certain kind, it’s a sure sign that an engagement ring in the same fashion would be a good choice.

Still Unsure?

There is always the option of a semi-surprise proposal. Talk with your future fiancée about what their style is and what they like in their special jewelry pieces. It never hurts to ask!


Love, Your friends at Allurigem

Classic:When you want your most often worn piece of jewelry to stand the test of time; your engagement ring should have a timeless style with elegant and simple details. Try these Allurigem rings for a classic engagement ring style.

Classic style Seraphina pave set engagement ring

Seraphina Pave Set Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,450

-Including center diamond

The Seraphina is simple yet significant. With clean lines and distinctive pave diamonds, the body of the ring boosts the impact of your custom halo center.

Aster classic style modern comfort fit engagement ring

Aster Modern Comfort Fit Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $4,700

-Including center diamond

Our Aster engagement ring is perfect for the minimalist wearer looking for a classic and comfortable setting. The understated gold band accentuates the unique center halo.

Fashion Forward: These types of engagement rings are on the cutting edge of fashion and trends. She’ll love these Allurigem rings for a breathtaking engagement ring style.

Fashion forward Wisteria infinity twist engagement ring

Wisteria Infinity Twist Pave Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,650

-Including center diamond

We've crafted our Wisteria diamond twist engagement ring to represent a couple's connected journey together. The entwined band joins together at your custom center halo.

Luciana marquise illusion engagement ring for a fashion forward woman

Luciana Marquise Illusion Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,300

-Including center diamond

The Luciana is our lacy marquise illusion style, perfect for the fashion forward wearer. This ring features alternating milgrain shapes that hold brilliant round pave diamonds.

Vintage Inspired:With a nod to the romantic eras of the past, vintage inspired engagement rings have risen in popularity recently. Fine details like milgrain edging and rectangular accent stones are some of the elements you can find in our vintage inspired Allurigem engagement ring styles.

Helena engagement ring has vintage details

Helena Vintage Detail Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,395

-Including center diamond

One of our vintage settings, the Helena has Art-Deco inspired features with antique scroll work and side loops with a surprise diamond each.

Art Deco inspired Arabella baguette engagement ring

Arabella Baguette Accented Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,695

-Including center diamond

Reminiscent of the Roaring 20's, our Arabella engagement ring features two tapered baguettes on each side of your customized diamond halo center. This simple and clean yet impactful look is a timeless classic.

Distinctive: For the woman who wants a statement-worthy ring. These bold and unexpected Allurigem engagement rings styles may be just what she’s looking for.

Celeste is a distinctive bypass style engagement ring

Celeste Pave Bypass Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,395

-Including center diamond

The Celeste is our fun and curvy bypass design for someone looking for something just a little different. The band has brilliant pave diamonds down each shoulder, enhancing the look of the center halo.

The Celine is our bold criss cross enagement ring

Celine Criss Cross Halo Engagement Ring, Starting at $5,950

-Including center diamond

Our take on the modern reverse split shank setting, the Celine features a criss cross shank. The setting has beautiful round pave diamonds that enhance the center halo for a bold statement engagement ring.