Allurigem Diamond Quality

An engagement ring is meant to last forever which means that the quality of the materials that make up the ring are EVERYTHING. Our team here at Allurigem is kind of obsessed with choosing a quality diamond. We've been working with jewelry for decades so we know a thing or three about choosing only the best for our customers.

Figuring out how to choose a diamond yourself can be a daunting task which is why we focus on choosing a quality diamond for each engagement ring.

First Thing's First: Who is choosing your diamonds?

Before we get too deep into the details of all the good stuff that our rings are made of, it is important to know just who is choosing your diamonds. Our obsession with quality starts in our family here at Allurigem. Each member of our expert team involved in choosing your diamonds are trained GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals (AJPs). That means that they not only have had tons of experience working in the jewelry industry, they have been trained and accredited by GIA, the authority of the diamond industry.

We Don't Use Just Any Center Stones

Because of our team's expert knowledge and training, we know just what to look when choosing a quality diamond. Only the best GIA Graded diamonds are selected to be set as a center stone. Any stone over 0.50 carat is analyzed down to the smallest detail before being hand selected for your ring. We ALWAYS use the GIA Diamond Grading Scale and the 4 C's to judge each characteristic of the stone to determine the diamond's quality.

The center diamond is the feature diamond of the ring so we are extra choosy when making our decision to place a stone in its place of honor in your ring. Our diamonds will always be graded H in color and SI1 in clarity or better. Also, our round diamonds will always have a cut grade of Very Good or better to get the best sparkle and brilliance out of the diamond.

We Want You to Have All the Facts

Each and every center diamond, no matter its shape, will always be paired with its GIA Diamond Grading Report. This report lists the internal and external characteristics of the diamond that we use to determine the quality of the stone. As an added bonus, many GIA diamonds have the Diamond Grading Report number laser inscribed on the girdle so you can be sure that the report you have identifies the diamond we've selected for you.

Every Single Diamond is Important

If you have chosen one of our more intricate Lettera settings, there are other diamonds to consider called melee. These are the extra sparkly tiny diamonds that usually run around a halo or down the sides of a ring shank. They could even be your peek-a-boo stones! Just because

Our diamond quality standards are very important to us. We promise to only accept the best for you when making your personalized pieces.

To learn more about the GIA Diamond Grading Scale and the 4 C's check out our blog post here.