How to Care For
Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is a rare and brilliant stone. Although it is the hardest natural substance found on earth it can be difficult to keep clean. There are some keys to keeping your diamonds sparkling and brilliant.

Since diamonds attract grease and oils, being handled can cause dirt and debris to adhere to the surface of your diamond. This will cause your stones to lose their brilliance. Try to avoid handling your diamond jewelry with your fingertips.

Build Good Habits


It's helpful to get into the habit of cleaning your diamond jewelry once or twice a week. Simply soaking your pieces in a solution of warm water and mild dish soap will help to degrease your diamonds and loosen debris. If you are working over a sink be certain that you have closed the drain. You may use a soft toothbrush to help remove the dirt that has adhered to the backside of your diamonds. Heirloom pieces with delicate prongs or pressure set rings should not be scrubbed vigorously.

Be certain to thoroughly rinse your jewelry to remove all detergent. Following the rinse, use a soft, dry cloth. A lint-free cloth made especially for jewelry can be helpful as well.

Avoid using harsh abrasives or chemicals such as chlorine bleach or toothpaste. These can potentially damage the metal setting holding your precious diamonds.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be great to loosen up heavy dirt but should always be used with caution. These systems send low frequency sound through a solution to help break up dirt and grime. However, these systems can shake stones loose from their settings or cause chips in diamonds that may be set with girdles touching one another. It is also important to avoid ultrasonic cleaning of a diamond that has been fracture-filled for clarity enhancement.

Jewelry professionals can review your item and determine if it is safe to be cleaned in an ultrasonic machine. A consultation with a professional may include checking the item for any potential loose stones and recommended repair maintenance prior to a thorough cleaning.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your diamond jewelry will sparkle for years. Keeping the facets of your diamond free of oils will help light to reflect beautifully throughout the stone. Diamonds will scintillate after proper cleaning and each stone’s brilliance will be shown off in the light!

Here are Some of Our Favorite Jewelry Care Products

Always follow the instructions provided with your jewelry care products. Special care must be taken with some gemstones.

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