4 reasons to go with a halo-styled ring

1. Makes the center diamond appear larger

One of the main reasons that people choose to go with a halo-styled ring is that it makes the ring look larger. If you’re wanting a bigger diamond, but your budget doesn’t allow for that right now, then a halo is the way to go. When compared to other styled rings, such as a solitaire, the halo takes up more space on the finger giving the appearance that the center stone is larger than it actually is, especially from a distance.

2. Many different styles to customize it

Another reason that makes the halo the way to go is that they add another way for rings to be customized. Halo-styled engagement rings date back to the Victorian Era and the later Art Deco period and many times people replicate those styles for rings today. Halos can change the overall appearance of a ring. You may choose to have a round center stone, but can change the shape of the overall ring by having a cushion, hexagonal, or square halo. There are many different variations to the halo, some people have a round diamond surrounded by a halo with larger round diamonds to resemble a flower, or double up and have two halos surrounding their center stone to make it look even larger.

3. Increase the sparkle

Some people choose a halo setting to give it an added bonus of extra sparkle. The halo increases the overall refractive index of the setting. This means that it can make the center stone sparkle more and adding more diamonds surrounding it makes it reflect more light making it shine more.

4. Very trendy

A final reason people choose to go with the halo-setting is because of their popularity right now. Indisputably, halo ring are one of the most popular choices for people getting engaged today. The style is beautiful and classy and has proven to be a favorite of many influencing popular celebrities. One of the most well-known engagement rings today is surrounded by a halo. The 12-carat blue sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana (now worn by Kate Middleton) has a halo consisting of 14 round diamonds.