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A Message from our Founder

Hi, my name is Kurt Artinger and I am a third generation jeweler, dreamer and entrepreneur. Allurigem was created to provide a unique engagement ring experience, from creation to the proposal. Getting engaged is a life changing moment. An engagement ring signifies the love between two people and it’s important that every time you look at the ring it inspires you to be the best you can be, for yourself and your partner. Our collection features interchangeable initials set directly into the ring mounting; subtle but significant. I hope you truly enjoy our collection of fine and unique engagement rings that are totally custom designed by you, for you.

Best Wishes to you on your exciting journey together,

Kurt Artinger

Our Love and Commitment

At Allurigem we love our customers are excited to dedicate our efforts to giving you an amazing experience for such an important time of your life. That’s why our team is made up of imaginative and collaborative people who value authenticity in everything they do. We are obsessed with delivering quality products to our customers every single purchase no matter its price point, for the entire engagement process and purchasing fine jewelry.

Our Partners

We have a passion for invention and we believe in placing the tools of creativity into the hands of our customers so they can create their own ideal engagement ring that is uniquely theirs, just like their journey together. To continue our quest for things that may be really awesome, we’ve partnered with Ring Cam,the first digital video ring box designed to capture the moment you pop the question and the response. We like this product so much we give it to you free with a purchase of a Lettera Engagement Ring. Send the video file back to us and we will have it edited and post it on our site so all your friends and family can see the amazing moment.

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